3T200- Y.E.S

3T200 Y.E.S.- A 3 Tier 200 Hour "Yoga Education System"! Each Tier is 5 days long and is a separate intensive program. They begin Saturday Mornings and end Weds Evenings; each day consists of 10-12 Hours of training.

Complete all three Tiers and fulfill all non-contact training to obtain your 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teaching Certificate.  See the last page of the application for full certification requirements.

Training Dates:

TIER 1-   CONNECTION     July 12-16

TIER 2-   PURPOSE             July 26-30

TIER 3-   INSPIRATION      Aug 9-13

For more info call (917) 209-3715 or email warrenat@comcast.net

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All new students are eligible for the Two weeks of Daily Yoga special for $25.00 that expires in 14 days. Drop the story of "hot" and "power" and come into your power at Manipura Power Yoga.  If you haven't tried it you have no idea what you are missing.  IF you are indeed intimidated by the heat come to our basic or gentle yoga class.  Designed to break through the barriers that block off our growth.

All current and Active Duty Military: Free Class on Sunday's at 5:00 PM. We are also offering discounts to the military as well at $12.00 Per class.  If you have questions call Manipura Power Yoga @ (917) 209-3715


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