Week ??

Where have I been?  With the studio opening and the juggling of a full time job, teacher schedules and community building I have neglected to write the words of wisdom that comes from my inner core.  Last weekend I attended the Baptiste Art of Assisting facilitated by Paige Elenson of the Africa Yoga Project and Kiersten Mooney of Bala Vinyasa located in South Florida.  Going to the training my intention was to check the box of assisting, I had been assisting in the classes I teach for a couple of years; what I received was so much more.  With all Baptiste training's we start off practicing yoga, opening us up to possibility, meaning what is possible for me in this training?  Interesting how this shifts on day three comparing back to day one, I left the training energized and wanting to share this energy with the world.  The world being my community, my teachers, my students.  

Facing the facts.  We are all one.  Sure we live separate lives, each  of us has our own story, for some of us it defines us, it defines how we react or respond to life's events and experiences.  What if you had the power inside of you to positively impact someone else's life?  You do, we all do; the blocks created in our lives keep us from tapping into this energy.  I have suffered, struggled and also lived an incredible life.  I remember as a boy walking through fields exploring nature, stepping barefoot into muddy clay, floating down rivers and streams, I also remember the pain, the suffering that I experienced.  I long not to remember or re-experience the pain and suffering but to let that go and heal.  I long for the walk in the field with the child like sense of curiosity that reminds me how  every experience is new.  What opened up for me during this weekend was the idea that I could change the world using three tools at my disposal:

  1. Smile
  2. Touch
  3. Eye Contact

Notice in your body how you respond when someone smiles at you, now notice your response to touch and eye contact.  I take a stand for contributing to the end of suffering in the world.