How we Heal


It is interesting to watch nature change, while just a short time ago; less than a few monthS ago; the trees were covered in leaves and now with the cold weather ifull on and my favorite place to paddle is frozen over like the cold tundra of the Arctic North. Winter bears down upon us we drift to and fro in reverie of what may become of this year.  I can promise you this in a few short months the bugs will start popping out of the trees and the leaves will begin to form, transformation will occur, the ice will melt, the frozen tundra of the north will return to the north, we will figure out how to create something new in our garden. Spring will come around because the truth reveals to us that life is ever-changing ever shifting; how we live a healthy happy life depends on our mental outlook. 

A few weeks ago I experienced a really tough day, As I was processing my emotions I thought "how can I ground myself and re-center to calm down?"  Thank God for my friends Annie, Courtney and Elizabeth, this is the power each of you have and may not realize it.  The power to heal and help another who may be standing in front of you suffering.  I thought at the time "Who can I talk to. Who can I share this with? What do I have to do to come back to my true North?"

Truthfully it wasn't easy. I ended up going to this indoor farmers market ain Stonington walking around I thought being around people would help call me down. What happened is magic; "I asked the universe and sure enough my suffering was put at ease."

I guess my point is is that through community, through people you can talk to and share things with; you can come back to your center and your True North.