Self Confidence

I’ve been insecure my whole life, never can I make a decision and feel comfortable that I did the right thing; I end up second-guessing myself and then fear sets in which turns into anxiety which turns into suffering. 

 I don’t think I’m alone I think many people are just like me and often go through the same thing,  however I believe there’s too those who are able to have balance naturally they don’t go through this little experience nor do they have this feeling of dread, vis vi anxiety.

What I have found that works in my life; albeit this far; is what I call the grand awakening, it’s only through my seeking was I able to find this, the seeking really is the work, sometimes moving ahead and sometimes moving backward.  Once I became aware of how my thinking was the root of my suffering I figured could change how I think, I could then alter or change my perception or begin to doubt my doubts so to speak. In my yoga practice when I step onto my mat I become centered, I use this practice to become empty making the space to challenge the mind as I struggle to breathe and stay in the energetic flow, the challenge of the mind is the subtle voice that brings me out of a pose. I have learned that the pose has a beginning and an end, same as life.  So what the fuck is the purpose of it all?  Is it to pursue as many “things” as possible?  Is it to fight, Kill, maim, dominate, blame, compare, judge, hate, aquire, own, our own species?  The age old question... however; with a daily practice of focusing and centering we can train our mind to recognize the thought patterns that create our suffering, the thought patterns that create our cancer, the thought patterns that create our suicides, the thought patterns that create our homicides. I no longer stand a victim to my thoughts; as long as I do the work, the work... feel to heal, realize the past is the past, say I’m sorry, say I don’t know, learn to let go, give up the need to be right, surrender attachment, help others, harm no one, forgive, do what contributes to the life you want to live. 

These are the highlights of the path to a greater self confident you, if you master this you can do anything you want but what you want will probably be much different than when you embarked on your journey. Know in your heart you are whole and inside the very essence of your being is love. 


Namaste and thanks for reading.


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